Do I Need To Wear Sunscreen In The Evening

Well! If you want to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun rays and other skin issues, wearing sunscreen is the most crucial solution. Because sun damage is the most crucial cause to increase sun spots, age faster, and hyper pigmentation, thus leads to skin cancer on its higher side.

Therefore,the addition of branded sunscreen to your daily routine comes foremost importance. It is important to wear while you are at home and not going outside.

Do I Need To Wear  Sunscreen In The Evening

So if you want to know why sunscreen is important to wear in the evening, keep on reading the informative article.


Importance of sunscreen for evening

Although the need to wear sunscreen in the afternoon is essential to protect your skin from UV rays, it is vital to wear it in the evening. In the evening, you don’t need to worry about UV rays as there is no need to wear sunscreen with no sun rays. Though it seems simple, what if you need to work in front of computers and laptops and their blue light can be harmful to your skin. That’s why it is essential to wear sunscreen in the evening.

Why it is good to wear sunscreen in the evening

You might think that it is essential to wear sunscreen in the evening, as the name shows that it is a product specially used in the morning to save your skin from sun rays.

Yes! It is essential to wear sunscreen to keep your skin from the rays emitted by computer screens as they also give some types of ultraviolet rays. No doubt, there is no way to get rid of these rays because these rays cannot be compared with the sun’s ultraviolet rays and do not harm anymore.

So put the facts into perspective, the visible rays coming from your computer screen are 100% less harmful than sunrays in the mid-day summers, which means that a 5-inch smartphone in 2000 caused minor damage. Therefore, it is better to use sunscreen in the evening to protect you from the rays of the computer if you are doing your work from home. For the higher precautions, you should also turn the lights off of your room and do not spend more time in front of such screens.

Why is the use of sunscreen harmful in the evening?

No doubt there is no need to use sunscreen in the evening as there are no sun rays and in the opinion of experts wearing sunscreen in the evening can cause pimples. They suggest that a product like a sunscreen can clog the pores, so removing it from the skin before going to bed is better.

If you wear sunscreen in the evening for a longer time,it will block your pores, and if you remove it on time and then apply now coat, you will be protected. Unless you have got skin prone to skin issues, you should use the sunscreens that come with comedogenic issues. Whether you wear sunscreen in a day or night, your pimples will go away anyway.

Another important reason it is bad to wear sunscreen at night is that it comes at a higher price, so piling it on your skin is a waste of your valuable money.

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Frequently asked questions

Is sunscreen being an excellent option to use after 5pm?

It is essential to use sunscreen in the afternoon to protect your skin from sun rays between 10 am and 4 pm. But after 5pm, the rays are not more potent, so there is no need to wear sunscreen in the evening.

Can you get sunburn in the evening?

Yes, you can sunburn in the late afternoon or the early morning. So it is essential to use sunscreen even on cloudy days as ultraviolet rays are still present.

What is the best time to wear sunscreen?

The best practice to use sunscreen is when you plan to go outside. You should apply the sunscreen on your face 30 minutes before going into the sun. Reapply the product after every two hours of exposure to the sun. Immediately after swimming and excessive sweating.


To conclude, do I need to wear sunscreen in the evening. The simple answer is no because it saves your sunscreen for daytime use and your expenses. But if you are a computer screen user, you should use the sunscreen to a small amount for protection from the radiations emitted from the screens.

There is an arguing fact about sunscreen due to the harmful effects of blue lights emitted from cell phones and screens. These rays can damage your skin tone leads to premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. However, other researches show that these rays do not cause premature photo-aging and DNA damage.

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