How Can I Practice Threading At Home? A Quick Guide 2022

“How Can I practice threading at home?”, Before jumping to the topic we should get familiar with threading history and its importance.

History of Threading?

Threading always a popular treatment that is designed to frame your face for the better look, It was Originated as an ancient hair removal technique over 6000 years ago. Although threading is most commonly used for brows, it’s also a highly effective way of removing unwanted hair on the entire face and upper lip area.


Threading is the perfect temporary solution for hair removal of any facial hair, like your brows. Because of its precision, though, it’s not a good option for anywhere else on your body. partly because it’ll take few hours of getting your hairs ripped out probably. So definitely it is not something anyone would want to do. Waxing or laser is much faster and definitely preferred for larger areas.

According to Wikipedia, “Threading is a method of hair removal originating in IranIndia, Central Asia.[1] In more recent times it has gained popularity in Western countries, especially with a cosmetic application (particularly for removing/shaping eyebrows)”.

The art of eyebrow

The art of eyebrow or any face portion threading is a very old beauty technique. The threading is a temporary hair removal technique that can be used mostly on eyebrows, as well as the lips, cheeks, and chin. In this article, “How can I practice threading at home?” we will discuss how one can practice threading her eyebrow and upper lips area.  It involves removing hair with thread. it’s a pretty cool concept but a little tricky thing to use thread by your own hands on your face.

How can I practice threading at home?

First step:

So, I would suggest to practice threading first on your leg hair before attempting the brow. It is hard to control the thread in the beginning. If you don’t practice first, you may end up with very oddly shaped eyebrows. You can practice your own eyebrow at home and get a fine shape when you do good practice at home.

How can I practice threading at home

Why do perfectly shaped eyebrows seem so elusive but why do they seem so hard to come by?

Threading is a superior temporary hair removal method. It helps to shape your brows and boost your overall look ad personality. It is not only quick & efficient, but you can also do it yourself in the comfort of your home.

By the time with good practice and perfection, you can thread your eyebrow.  Your friends and colleagues will complement your well-groomed brows and your face look will completely be transformed, sharp and beautiful.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about eyebrow threading and easy instructions for threading your eyebrows at home.

What is the thread?

The thread name derives from the cotton threads that are twisted to pull the hair from the root but not permanent. It is also known as “tying” or “khite” in Arabic that has become increasingly popular in some cities. Threading can be done at home very easily with good practice. Some people also consider threading a less-painful method than waxing and tweezing.

Expert opinion

I will show you here, “How can I practice threading at home?” which is an amazing way to remove some unwanted facial hair and out of shape uneven eyebrow and it can save a lot of your money since you don’t need to visit expensive saloon for threading. Vince Lombardi’s very famous quotes “Only perfect practice makes perfect”, this article will encourage you to practice it by yourself to be perfect.

Threading the eyebrows is faster than plucking. It will also remove tiny hairs that you are likely to miss with tweezers.

What is the thread

What will you need to thread an eyebrow?

  • The 14-inch piece of thread (which is high-quality sewing cotton)
  • The eyebrow scissors (special scissors for eyebrow)
  • The eyebrow brush (small size of brush)
  • The talcum powder.

Let’s Get started:

So, first of all, clean your skin with good face cleanser especially if you have oily skin because on oily skin it will be very difficult and painful to grab and pluck out the hair in the thread. After cleanser applies some toner with a cotton pad to wipe down your eyebrows. Apply talcum powder on eyebrows to make them even drier.

As Wikipedia defines” in threading, a thin cotton or polyester thread is doubled, then twisted. It is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short rows of hair”.

You can choose the length that you’re comfortable working with but I usually recommend a foot long of thread and then tie it into a circle. If you’re going to be working right eyebrow wind it three times with your left hand and then start making this opening motion with your hand that’s going to pull out the hairs.


Press it against your skin until its firmly against the hairs. You need to work in the opposite direction of hair growth.  Now create that open hand’s motion to pull the thread along upper skin and grab the hair as it goes.

To look at your eyebrows closely and have to catch every unwanted hair in the thread, make sure you are just a foot away from the mirror. Repeat the same steps on the other side.

Take the eyebrow scissor and trim to equalize the unwanted length of remaining hairs in the eyebrow.  clean the trimmed hairs from the face with an eyebrow brush.

Herewith the expense of a dollar or two you can have finished results of the eyebrow by practicing threading at home which is one of the best things you can do repeatedly whenever you want to go attend any party, office, or even you are at home.


The eyebrow threading is safe?

Originating as an ancient hair removal technique over 6000 years ago, threading is a popular treatment designed to frame your face for the better.

In this article,” How can I practice threading at home?”, we recommend that while threading is most commonly used for brows, it’s worth noting that it’s also a highly effective way of removing unwanted hair on the entire face and upper lip area. It is much safer. It removes the hair from the root without pulling at your skin too much. The threading is less painful than waxing, it is quick and gives you satisfied and long-lasting results. The tweezing is time-consuming, and waxing can leave the fragile skin around your eyebrows feeling sore for an entire day. That is why threading is a safer and superior alternative.

The eyebrow threading is safe

Eyebrow threading tips:

  • Steam your face or shower with a little bit of hot water will help your eyebrow hair soften. It will reduce the pain of plucking the hair from eyebrows. It is so easier to thread your eyebrows hairs.
  • If you are extremely sensitive to pain. You can use the cream on that area and some talc onto the brow region before threading. This will helps with gripping during the process.
  • After threading, moisturize your skin with a good moisturizer that suits your skin type to control the redness.
  • Wash your face with cool water after completion of threading. Feel and enjoy the new amazing look of your eyebrows.


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