How Fast does Hair Grow-Best Tips by the Dermatologist – 2022

Do you want to know “how fast does hair grow”?? Are you curious about knowing how to make your hair grow super fast?? What are the best tips by dermatologists on how to grow hair faster??? Here I will explain all your queries answers in detail.

How fast does hair grow, well hey, guys in today’s topic I’m going to be talking all about how fast does hair grows and how to grow your hair long. all of the things you need to know that go into building long shiny strong hair.

“Hair typically grows only a quarter-inch to maximum half an inch per month”

No matter how many vitamins you are taking every day and how many times you get a hair cut each month speed of hair growth will not be exceeded as much to get long healthy hairs overnight.

Healthy and shiny long hairs can only be possible by a super healthy diet and if there will be no split ends.

But !!! yes, we have some tips recommended by some dermatologists to speed up your hair growth.

Yes, it is Good news!!

If you feel like your hair is not growing faster enough as at least half an inch per month you can speed up this process a little bit by adopting these best tips on how to grow hair faster.



Dermatologist: Hair Growth Tips

Hair Growth Tips

If you are struggling with growing your hair long one thing to consider is medications, you might be taking. Medicines in general effects hair growth we can predict “How Fast does hair grow” if we get to know what exact medicine you are taking.

Medicine effects Hair growth

A lot of medications can affect hair growth and lead to hair loss and thinning of the hair. If we are talking about hair growth duration and factor that “how to grow hair faster” we cannot avoid the discussion about medicine

Medicine effects Blood Pressure.

Medications that control blood pressure, cholesterol can impact the hair growth cycle and lead to shedding and miniaturization of the hair follicle.

Hormonal Medicine.

Thyroid medications and oral birth control Pills and testosterone supplements can all impact the growth and rate of the hair and may impair it.


Unfortunately, a lot of antidepressants also can lead to thinning hair and hair loss as well.

Now while these medications can impact your hair it’s really important that you talk to your doctor about these medications rather than just abruptly stopping them doing so might be very dangerous to your overall health.

Cleaning on a Daily Basis.

For healthy hair shampoo your scalp on a regular basis. Cleaning your hairs is one of the best tips to “How Fast does hair grow

Cleaning on a Daily Basis

How Often wash Your Hairs.

How often that is going to vary from person to person depending on things like your hair type your age and how oily your scalp tends to be as oil accumulates on your scalp.


In Roots of your hair, the microorganisms that naturally live on our skin can start to break down that excessive sebum creating inflammatory mediators this can lead to a lot of irritation in the scalp with hair breakage. It can affect the hair growth cycle and importantly it causes dandruff.

Selection of Shampoo & Conditioner.

I shampoo my hair every day mostly because my hair can tolerate it and my scalp will get oily otherwise.

Shampoos and conditioners, you can select should be free of silicones and there are no preservatives in these that are commonly associated with allergies and there shouldn’t also no sulfates which can be really drying for certain hair textures.

Hair Mask.

Always get the hair mask it’s fantastic and it’s really great for reducing frizz and breakage and split ends so don’t ditch the shampooing it’s really important for your scalp health and for the growth of your hair.

Your Diet Can effect Your Hairs Health.

“Hair Growth Tips” can be completed without knowing Diet effects on your Hair.

All right the next few things are going to focus around your diet which is one of the most important things when it comes to the growth of your hair and the overall health and shine and quality of the hair.

Amino Acid.

Your body makes proteins that contain amino acids that have sulfur in them like

  • methionine and
  • cysteine

these Amino acids are critical for the formation of hair keratins, ultimately the growth of hair. The rate of hair growth the diameter of your hair and the synthesis of those hair keratins depends on the amino acid cysteine which you get from dietary protein.

Another important amino acid that we get from dietary proteins is

  • l-lysine

l-lysine plays a critical part in the health of the root of your hair. l-lysine dictates the shape of your hair and hair volume in addition to its direct roles in hair growth.

Amino Acid

Zinc and Iron

L-lysine amino acids are also important for the absorption of zinc and iron. Without a lysine, you cannot absorb zinc and iron from the diet. This is the reason your hair become deficient in these.

Zinc and iron are also really important for building strong healthy hair at a minimum it is recommended that you consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, however, depending on your activity level you may have much greater protein needs but you can get all of your protein needs from dietary.

Nuts, seeds, whole grains, vegetables even have protein and of course meats, poultry eggs dietary protein does play a huge role in the growth and the health.

Dietary Fat.

For the synthesis of your hair, you must look at your dietary fat. Fat is important for the health of your hair. Fat makes your hair shiny. Dietary fats are important for the synthesis of steroid hormones and for hydration of the hair shaft.

Inadequate consumption of linoleic acids, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids, can result in hair loss so make sure that you are getting those omega-3 fatty acids.


Food sources of omega-3 fatty acids include things like walnuts, flaxseed, omega-6 fatty acids on the other hand largely come from plant oils.

These are helpful in the health of your hair of course. They definitely play a role in our diet but you want to be careful because excessive consumption of omega-6 fatty acids actually can push you towards an inflammatory state.


Many of these omega-6 plant oils are found in a lot of processed foods fried foods.

The standard western diet is actually quite rich in omega-6 fatty acids and getting away from that is backing away from the reliance on a lot of processed foods many of them are pumped full of the plant oils that can raise your inflammation and we’re not really getting enough of the omega-3fatty acids

Consumption of Carbohydrates.

Speaking of western diets let us talk about carbohydrates consumption of highly processed foods that are rich in simple sugars.

Processed foods can have adverse effects on the health of your hair by raising your blood sugar too quickly resulting in higher levels of insulin elevated.

When there is an elevation of levels of insulin and insulin-like growth factor lead to increased production of sebum in your hair scalp.

The microorganisms that naturally live on your skin including your scalp they start to break down the excess sebum into triacylglycerols and inflammatory compounds this increase in inflammation in the scalp is not going to benefit the growth of your hair.


When we are talking about Diets rich in simple sugars also having increase the level of androgens.

Androgens in women are produced in ovaries and that results in an increase in dihydrotestosterone that is a male hormone.

Actually, we all can make this hormone, but it causes miniaturization of the hair follicle resulting in pattern hair loss, so a simple sugar rich diet can contribute to pattern balding over time.

Rather than relying on simple sugars select complex carbohydrates rich in fiber things like whole-grain bread cereals grains legumes these will fuel you and help in controlling your blood sugar through the fiber in these foods.

These dietary tips in mind it is not to say that you cannot ever have a packed snack or treat

no, not whatsoever but you can see that if you rely solely on those things sit can have deleterious effects not only on your health but obviously on your hair.



If you want to take your hair growth journey back several steps beyond macronutrients you also must consider vitamins in your diet.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a type of hair loss called telogen effluvium or hair shedding.

Vitamin D is synthesized in our skin upon exposure to sunlight or specifically UV band. You can also acquire Vitamin D through dietary sources.

As a side note, I always get questions about the sun and sunscreen. Sun is dangerous it puts you at risk for skin cancer.

Studies show that the use of sunscreen does not result in vitamin D deficiency and that for people who are vitamin D deficient. It is not a contraindication to wear sunscreen.

There are a lot of issues around relying on sun exposure for vitamin D. It causes mutations in the DNA and the skin cells, so dietary sources are ideal.

There are obviously other factors that play a role in vitamin D deficiency. Some of for example people who are overweight have higher levels of the hormone leptin and as a result this actually can impair the conversion of vitamin D to its bioactive forms so people who are overweight or obese are more at risk for vitamin D deficiency.

Because of impaired conversion to the active form’s vitamin D promotes hair follicle differentiation so as I said it is really important for healthy hair in the diet.


You can get vitamin D from full-fat dairy fortified foods and you can get it from mushrooms and yeast in the case of by a truly confirmed vitamin D deficiency then some sort of vitamin D replacement would be indicated.


Your diet needs to include folate which it most likely does but do not neglect it. Folate is important for red blood cell function and for carrying oxygen to your scalp. In effect, folate deficiency can starve the oxygen and result in hair loss.


We can get folate from our diet of course kale Brussels, sprouts, leafy greens. Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 also plays a key role in the hydration of the hair. Pantothenic acid is thought to prevent premature graying of the hair. It is anti-inflammatory and moisturizing in nature.


Pantothenic acid comes from mushrooms, soy, and cauliflower. Pretty easy to get another vitamin that plays a key role in hair health.


About Biotin, I must tell you guys though while biotin supplements for hair are all the rage true. Biotin deficiency is very rare, and we do not have any compelling reason to be supplementing with biotin, in the absence of biotin deficiency for hair health or hair growth. Biotin supplements can interfere with the accuracy of certain blood tests.



Aside from vitamins, minerals in our diet play a key role in our hair health as well as zinc magnesium copper is very important for our hair health.Hopefully, I have illustrated to you guys how important your diet is in hair growth.


For Strong healthy hair you should consider supplements should we be taking a supplement.

Supplements certainly have a role in treating hair loss but in the presence of a confirmed deficiency or insufficiency however, I caution you against just taking supplements willy-nilly is not a good habit because there can be adverse effects.

I already alluded to the fact that biotin interferes with the accuracy of blood tests and other supplements you can consume in excess can also produce some adverse effects or may alter some normal processes.

Things like zinc can actually interfere and cause low levels of other important vitamins and minerals in the case of zinc excessive zinc consumption can lead to copper deficiency so that’s definitely not going to be in your best interest and certainly not good for hair.


Moving away from diet another thing that you might consider trying is a scalp massage.

I know it sounds a little gimmicky, but they’re actually is a paper that looked at scalp massage and its effect on hair growth. In nine men so it was really a small study who underwent a daily scalp massage for 24 weeks that had an improvement in hair thickness and hair diameter.

Perhaps getting a scalp massage through improving blood flow to the hair follicles maybe you know maybe it helps in the delivery of growth factors to the hair follicle.

Stress may Affect your Hair Health.

If anything, it can help reduce your stress and be relaxing you that brings to my next point stress. Stress plays such a major role in our hair health.

Hair growth when you are stressed out your body goes into this kind of protective mode and it shifts the hair cycle away from growing towards shedding, which is called telogen effluvium.

Stress may Affect your Hair Health

It typically presents three months after a stressful event but in people who are chronically under a lot of stress they can experience ongoing telogen effluvium.

Telogen effluvium is hair shedding that is even more distressing. Managing stress is an art and there is no formula for it.

I personally find that exercise for me is a major stress release and that’s how I manage my stress is working out but everybody has their own stress management,

Actually it’s key to develop that and perfect it and keep it consistent in your life not only for your hair but for your long levity and sanity.


My final tipis not to smoke Smoking impairs blood flow to the scalp.

I mean it impairs blood flow period and will cause thinning of the hair for that reason it also generates a ton of free radical.

Damage it is very inflammatory, and it also produces toxins that damage the DNA in our hair

so, our hair cells cannot divide and grow and make you know healthy shiny hair so do not smoke.



These are my tips for growing your hair long and healthy, but it takes patience, diet really does play a big role in having a balanced diet is important for the strength of your hair controlling inflammation through consistent.

Shampooing may be improving blood flow by a scalp massage if anything that helps with stress another major factor and then of course not smoking these all is things to factor into your hair growth journey.

I hope these tips and this information was helpful to you guys, share it with your friends and as always don’t forget sunscreen when go out.

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