Peeling After Sunburn – How to Treat Peeling Skin Safely

Well, when it comes to sunburn, all the symptoms that come due to them, like peeling off the skin, are unpleasant, and while most people know that sunburns can cause and increase the risk of skin cancer and should be avoided for must.

Sometimes sunburns can lead to severe damages and side effects, and we don’t know how to treat them. A broad certified, Natalie Curcio, a dermatologist practicing in Nashville, explains the causes of peeling skin and the required treatments for it.

Peeling After Sunburn

So without waiting, let’s dive into the details of treatments for peeling skin after sunburn.


Reasons for Peeling After Sunburn

When the skin produces melanin, as it is a natural protector against UV rays, it can harm the skin’s natural defenses. It is commonly seen that the outermost layer of skin can result in damage due to ultraviolet rays of sunlight by burning the skin cells. When the skin exposes to sunlight, it shelters the damaged cells.

If you are experiencing peeling after sunburn, do not forget to exfoliate your skin at this level. Exfoliation can make your skin issue worse and lead to more skin damage. The reason lies in the delicacy of skin and tenderness when it will be healed after sunburn.

What is peeling

Peeling skin is also referred to as desquamation; the skin cells will shed due to damage to the skin layer like the upper epidermis. It can result from external issues like internal causes, sunburns, or any after effect of autoimmune disease or medication. In most cases, the peeling skin can be a symptom of underlying health issues that needs additional treatment.

Symptoms after sunburn

Dry and peeling skin is the most common symptom after sunburn, in which there is damage in the upper layer of the skin integument. In many rare cases, peeling off skin after sunburn can be a sign of a weak immune system, any other disorder, or other illness. If the peeling skin is not the result of sunburn, consult the skincare provider before opting for home remedies.

Tips and treatments for peeling after sunburn

If your skin starts to peel off after sunburn, you can try some tips and treatment methods for sure.

Use of soothing anti-inflammatory creams

It will help if you opt for a topical anti-inflammatory cream on the affected area due to sunburns like a high cortisone cream or Aloe vera gel. If you are not allergic to aspirin, crush the few tablets to make a fine powder and water until they turn into a goopy paste. Apply this paste on the affected area to treat the sunburn and peel off the skin.

Moreover,petroleum-based and oil-based creams should be avoided as these can trap heat and make the peeling of skin and sunburns even worse. After this treatment, the best option is to make the skin moisturize.

Use of pain reliever

Treatment with the pain reliever can reduce the redness and inflammation due to sunburn and its pain. So it would help if you opted for over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers like aspirin or ibuprofen.

Stay hydrated

Water is the most critical part of our body, so hydration is necessary for inside, moisturizing is essential for exterior skin. So it is better to aim to drink eight glasses of water, or 8 ounces of water equals half a gallon of water daily.

Avoid irritation

Peeling off skin due to sunburn can cause severe irritation, but for the best treatment, avoid anything that can lead to irritation as irritation can disrupt the treatment and healing process and enhance the chance of skin damage.

There are many sources of irritation like:

  • Scratching
  • Use pf extreme hot and cold water
  • Dynamic scrubbing and rubbing

To avoid getting worse or peeling off skin due to sunburn staying away from direct sunlight is the best option.

Home remedies

Trying for home remedies to treat sunburns and peeling off the skin is not a big deal, as these remedies do not come with the aftereffects on the skin. The scientific shreds of evidence have proven excellent and effective results to back up the natural and home remedies for sunburn.

Most of the home remedies using natural and organic products are safe and effective until and unless the person misuses them or is allergic.

So the best home remedies include:

  • Addition of baking soda to a cool bath
  • Application of menthol shaving cream on the affected skin area

Apply honey on the skin burns


To conclude, when the damaged body cells are going to be repaired, it leads to peeling off the skin, as it is a healing process and harmless but can be uncomfortable and itchy to a certain extent.

I hope that the remedies for peeling skin treatment after sunburn discussed in this post will be helpful and valuable information to prevent it from going worse.

Is it wrong to peel your sunburn?

It may be harmful to peel off your skin after sunburn, as sunburn attempts to remove the dead skin.

Should I peel off sunburn or leave it?

Exfoliation can improve skin health and texture by removing dead skin cells. Moreover, exfoliation can lead to irritation and harm to the skin cells.


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