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 Fond of makeup!!!! Like me?? Yes…. want to keep it fresh the whole day …!!! Especially in SUMMER …yes in summer. For makeup or those who are using makeup generally before going outing in Summer keep makeup is always a problem.

Here are some “Summer makeup tips and trends 2022” that will explain to you.

Yes, I will tell you very briefly about “tips of makeup during summer”

Along with this latest trend will are going to be followed in 2022 will explain it to you.


Summer Makeup Tips And Trends 2022

Like me, all Makeup Lovers love to start a day with Good makeup nothing will be more important than this, but as temperature increase, it will be very annoying to keep it all day long, as day going to Hot makeup start meltdowns will not only ruin make plus give even more worst image.

To avoid summer make issues and blunders there are “Summer Make Up Tips And Trends 2021 “for all makeup lovers in humid weather.

Exfoliation before applying makeup:

Before applying any makeup products, you should properly exfoliate your skin and prepare your skin for summer. Exfoliation is removing dead skin cells from the skin can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Physically, by using facial brushes, microdermabrasion, and grain-based scrubs.
  2. Chemically, by using different chemical exfoliators which will dissolve dead skin cells.

applying makeup

“Makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, said Dermaplaning, a form of exfoliation, is when a sharp tool — not unlike a scalpel — is used to scrape off the top layer of the skin.”

Keep your lips hydrated with lip oil.

A Lip Balm should be used before starting makeup just to moisturize your lips.

Make Sunscreen a Priority.

Applying sunscreen is always a necessary step for all seasons but especially in summer, it requires more diligence since we tend to sweat more, in indoor as cool it’s ok to apply 4 to 6 hourly but in summer you should apply every two hours.

Proper exfoliation and skin prepping with sunscreen are the main tasks to perform to keep skin fresh during hot weather and one of the important tips in “summer makeup tips”.

“Makeup in summer” is always a tricky game for makeup artists because whatever you may put on, it can be a foundation, eye shadow, or a bronzer they will melt off in a minute you step out into summer heat.

Moisturized your skin.

Under this hot weather, full-face makeup would be heavy and then start runny. to avoid these instead of full, try to get light makeup. Start with sunscreen the follow up with tinted moisturizer and creamy blush, BB cream, face powder, spot correct, and concealer.

Apply a thin layer of tinted moisturizer or mix oil-free moisturizer with a foundation for a softer and more sheering appearance. Waterproof products are also important, multitasking makeup can be a good choice for all day.

Creamy contour:

Creamy textured, the lightweight contour will give the skin a warm glow. It is one of the important parts of summer makeup tips”

Concealer without Foundation:

Walking under the sun in summer causes sweating in a minute while you just came out from a cool indoor, to avoid this weather mess it is always recommended to use lightening your routine for this season.

You should use only what is necessary like concealer (must be creamy) to cover shadows and spots, under eyes, and on areas that should be concealed with your finger.

Concealer without Foundation

BB / CC creams should be with SPF.

You can replace concealer with BB cream or CC cream in summer as BB cream works as a sunscreen, primer, and tinted moisturizer.

So, we can replace three products with simple one BB cream, but it should have SPF 20 in it.

Try this is very important in “summer makeup tips”

Try to get a Dewy Skin:-

In summer dewy skin always looks fresh but it should not be oily. There are some moisturizers that are available in the market which will give an oil-free version of skin for oily skin.

Dewy skin looks awesome especially in summer that you can get it by mixing your highlighter with foundation. You can highlight your cheekbones and collarbones with this simple mixture.

Use Multitasking Makeup:-

You must focus on “Summer makeup tips”. This is very important to try to save time and cut all the extra products you can easily from your makeup routine. Try to buy those products you can use for all like lips, lids, cheeks, and neck as well.

It will keep your bag light in weight and may also create a gorgeous look. The multi stick is my favorite in “summer makeup tips” it may come in a range of neutral shades so may suit almost all skin.

Non-matte bronzer:

As we discuss “natural” summertime radiance, none other than can be well-done as a Bronzer.

Choose bronzer two shades deeper than your skin tone. Swirl your brush over top of compact and tap off any excess towards cheekbone, towards jawline by making a “3” number. Repeat the same for the other side as well.

Matte bronzers are the best choice for contouring, if you are looking for a color warm wash try with shades of copper and gold. Dust shimmery bronzer to highlight points of the face. This will really make up your glow.

Choose a waterproof product:-

Wearing mascara or eyeliner in summer can be a terrible meltdown, ruining all looks. You can use waterproof Mascara or eyeliners. Waterproof mascara or eyeliners will not smear, ruin, melted even inside the swimming pool.

There is an alternative to mascara is curled eyelashes. Curl your eyelashes it will make eyes look bigger along with preventing makeup breakdown as well.

Choose Shimmery Eye Shadows:-

Choose Shimmery Eye Shadows

In summer you should skip heavy shadows and Smoky Eyes for glossy lids. Use shimmery shades for pop color in the center of the lid by dabbing with your fingers. You can also swipe black liner for an edger eye makeup look.

In Summer makeup tips You must Use Eye Primers:

If you are going to apply single shimmery shadows or smokey eyes you must use a primer before that. This is especially applicable for hot months when oils, sweat production is at their peak.

Choose Highly Shined Gloss Instead Of Lipsticks:

In “summer makeup tips” the use of gloss in place of matte lipsticks is on its top. We should replace matte lipsticks with shiny gloss stains. When you will go out your lip’s stains will shine up. Better to stay away from clear gloss .as it may burn your lips.

Keep lipstick inline :

Summer heat melts lipsticks cause it to run and spread around lips. You should spend 30 seconds first applying lip liner to keep color in line. Choose a lip liner of the same lipstick color or natural lip color to prevent it from looking too severe around the mouth as it will split into lines.

Use Setting Spray for Finishing effects:

Especially in summer makeup, you should use a setting spray after completion of your makeup to stop melting it. Best way to keep stay makeup even in Hot weather All day.

Add Under Eye Brightener in Summer Makeup routine:

You should add an eye brightener to your summer makeup routine it will hold makeup for a longer period. In summer when makeup melts under-eye area starts looking damp dark to avoid these eyes brighter in Best Choice.

Liquid Highlighter:

In “Summer makeup tips” this is important to get the main purpose of changing in a normal makeup routine. Use all those products that can give a fresh look and avoid melting makeup in Hot weather.

Liquid Highlighter

 Choose a liquid highlighter to get a moist look in summer. Attain this by mixing your powder highlighter with your moisturizer.

Skip Heavy Fragrances in summer makeup:

In “summer makeup tips” I would like to mention a very important note….In summer Avoid using heavy fragrances, it sometimes feels nauseating in height of Hot weather. Instead, use “eau de toilette” with bright notes.

Summer makeup trends 2021

For 2021 here are some make-ups trends. I am going to explain shortly so you get it quickly and adopted to look Up to Dated. In color of pastel specifically for chic and classy eye makeup, glowing bright and sparkling for face, lipsticks with decisive shades will give original irresistibly day than demanding evening outfits.

Among the makeup trends of summer 2021 an essential evergreen of every season: nude makeup, which provides soft and delicate colors. From light pink to beige, to face powder – for make-up eyes and lips and the simple use of eyeliner or mascara, to be applied flawlessly magnetic look.

Here is all the make-up news to show off: here are the seven top trends according to the 2020 summer fashion.

1. Tone makeup

Yes, as the name indicate, this is one of the easiest and must-haves for summer season makeup. It is very simple. choose a dominant color and use it in all areas like face makeup, eyeshadows to lipsticks, and if possible, for blush as well.

Generally, soft palettes of classy colors are the best choice for the spring-summer season. Such as light pink, apricot, peach, or nude shades, from beige to face powder to the most delicate pinks.

Tone makeup

The result is a sophisticated and classy look, ideal for those who love to show off a sober but with a touch of style personality, and character with an unmistakable sweetness.

2. Pastel-colored eyeshadows:

The pastel colors are always trendy in spring but have a decisive role in summer as well. Even Black is always a beloved color.

Smoky eyes include in summer fashion. Combine two different eyeshadow shades, choosing lighter for illuminating effects, and apply in the inner corner to give an original fascinating look.

Pastel-colored eyeshadows

3. Blue eyeshadow in trend.

Classic Blue eyeshadow in trend now for a strong intense is considered a constant in all fashion areas. It is all shades are appreciated from lightest to strongest even intense would help to enhance perfectly black and brown eyes. You can use these color shades even for eyeliner, eye pencil, and even mascara. It is an actual replacement for the classy black color.

4. Lipstick orange shades:

I personally recommend orange color shades for lipsticks and gloss. Copper to orange all shades are always in trend. these specific ranges are always a winning and spot-on choice. Coral lipstick color and Orange-red are in trend in “summer make trends”.

Try this, these will give a fresh and highly defines look. Peach, apricot, and salmon shades are also in trend for the summer season.

 5. Blush Gives You Always Fresh Look:

Blush Gives You Always Fresh Look

Pink or peach shades are trendy this summer according to your skin complexion. To get a Fresh and natural delicate look try these shades literally it will impact a healthy and lively complexion.

For the best result, you should use a rounded blusher brush to spread it in the center of the cheekbones. Avoid using flat floor brushes they would risk making you apply too many colors.

6. Glowing effect:

Another Best beauty trend in 2020 is Glowing effects. It should be flawless and illuminating in the cheek area.

It is a new beauty technique, pre-highlighting, which involves the application of the illuminant both before and after foundation application which gives you an irresistible touch of natural brightness and freshness.

7. Natural thick eyebrows:

Nowadays you can see celebrities from all over the world having thick and natural eyebrows. This year it’s trendy to be slightly turned upwards. That can be flawless with mascara brushes.

Natural thick eyebrows

If you have thick and dark eyebrows do not touch them and show them off with pride and safety. It is a fashion that asks you!

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So, that all about “Summer makeup tips and trend 2022”.

I describe here briefly everything you can adopt and represent yourself updated.


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