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In this article”Use of Olive Oil for Eyelashes Grow Faster”

The Internet is full of the article that talks about the use of Olive oil for eyelashes growing faster but when we read all articles, we get disappointed as when pages got the download and your spirit of getting that magical remedies will let down badly. This is my personal experience because all written stuff provokes you to use an Eyelash enhancer that is the worst thing to use for your Eyelash. Today I am going to explain to you how you will use olive oil for growing eyelashes faster which I have personally tried and got amazing results.

Do You Know Why Your Eyelashes Aren’t Growing or Are Falling Out?

Before moving towards our topic use of olive oil for eyelashes to grow faster, we should know why our eyelashes fell out and couldn’t grow faster.

According to the Dermatologist especially of Los Angles, Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, FAAD, in private practice, your eyelashes are shorter and getting fall out because of some reasons which are:

  • Excess use of products like Mascara
  • Medicated drops
  • Too much rubbing of your eyelashes.

Excess use of products like Mascara:

Your eyelashes can be brittle and fragile because of excessive use of a cosmetic product like Mascara, even low-quality cosmetic product is also very dangerous for eyelashes that not only stop the growth of eyelashes also make them weak.

Excess use of products like Mascara

Medicated drops:

Medicated eye drops dry out hair and may cause the eyelashes to weak to break mid-shaft of hair. Be careful while adding any product to your daily eyelash care routine.

Too much rubbing of your eyelashes:

If you rub out your eyes very frequently this may break eyelashes and pull them out prematurely

Grow Your Eyelashes Long & Strong

Olive oil is acting as a moisturizer for skin even when the skin is chronically dry and rough. Olive oil adds extra shine to rough hairs also gives strength to follicles of damaged hairs. You can get these advantages of the use of olive oils for growing eyelashes faster.

Olive oils are fatty oils when it will touch your face while you are under the sun or working in open-air olive oils can damage skin so to get olives effects to grow your eyelashes faster better to use it at night timings when you are going to sleep to avoid sunlight.

Grow Your Eyelashes Long & Strong


 Use of Olive oil for Eyelashes to grow faster:

As olive oil has surplus nutrients and vitamins in it when will apply or massaged over hairs these healthy components infuse into hair follicles, make them stronger, and encourage them to grow faster.


When you may get ready to apply olive oil over your Eyelashes to grow them faster, first wash your face especially the area around your eyes with soap or wash your face then you should stand in front of the mirror so that you can see your easily and clearly your face. Take the bottle of olive oil and dip your finger in it or you can use Q-tip as well.

Close your eyes and apply olive oil by your fingertip or by cotton swipe over your lashes on the upper eyelid, By these mean coat upper and down lashes with olive oil after that if you like brushing your eyelashes by clean mascara brush you can do the same process daily at night to get better results. For more comfort, you can have an empty mascara bottle with a brush. Fill your bottle with olive oil, keep it on your dressing table or cabinet, and repeat the procedure daily before going to bed to get effective and the best results.

I personally tried this remedy and the result was amazing that makes my short eyelashes grow faster and lengthy no more need to wear false extensions anymore but you should try at least for two weeks this remedy will show the effective and amazing result.


Olive oils have an antioxidant property it help the body to wash out free radicles from the body and other contaminations as well. When these properties of olive oil are combined with its moisturizing effects it will be a very effective and healthy choice even applied topically.

These are additional health benefits of olive oil along with its Use to make eyelashes grow faster and longer.


There are some more benefits of Olive oils:

  • It has an anti-inflammatory property,
  • Recommended to dieters,
  • Arthritis,
  • Use as Antibiotic as well

The use of olive oil for eyelashes grow faster

If you are using cosmetic Eye products you must be aware of the expense and how much pain they cause to make luscious eyelashes also if you will use this product excessively also cause damage to your eyelash as well while if you choose natural ingredient like Olive to grow eyelash faster may protect yourself from these harms.

Olive oil can do it organically which market available serums can do if you may stick with its use at least for two months, you will noticeably feel the difference in your thicker and dark luscious eyelashes

Which type of Olive Oil we should Use.

Purest Types of Olive oil should be used to get the best results that will not only protect your skin also give the faster result of growing eyelashes lengthier and bigger.

Cold-pressed extra virgin which has 1% acid in it and Organic Extra virgin olive oil are the best choices.

Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

An Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is actually of the highest quality available can be used to begin your olive oil treatment for growing eyelashes faster by using at night. It actually is very pure form, completely unrefined free of pesticides unblended can be used for cooking as well.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

The certified Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive oil is totally free from chemicals and non-GMO. It is unblended made by lots of skilled and cares to grow and harvest as a pure crop. It’s can be used in your eyelash’s night care routine.


Thicker, Lengthier and dark Eyelashes give eyes their original beauty and also dream of every woman but who didn’t have them naturally those use some cosmetical options to gives eyelashes darker and longer look by using products like Mascara or by putting false eyelashes. But nothing can beat natural eyelashes! By putting in some effort and dedication you can get beautiful natural Eyelashes.

It is possible to Use Olive oil for eyelashes to grow faster care routine at night at least for two months to get better to the best results.


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